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Dangers of the Pornography

The Dangers Of Pornography and It’s Effect

Porn is one of the most addictive activities which can effect on relationships. While porn addicts cannot be identified and you might not even know if the person sitting right next to you is suffering from porn addiction.

Porn Leads to Poor Emotional and Mental Health

Porn addiction causes a spike in dopamine levels, that gives birth to a temporary feeling of happiness and pleasure. However, this fluctuation in dopamine levels that happens with people suffering from porn addiction causes various mental and emotional health issues. People suffering from porn addiction also deal with mental illnesses such as depression, social anxiety, and frustration. Such addicts also suffer from anger-related issues. It also results in eating disorders as after ejaculations, people feel hungrier, making them eat irregularly.

Yes, porn can physically change your brain

Even after watching 3 hours of pornographic content, there is a significant reduction in your brain’s grey matter. Your brain’s grey matter is a very essential part of your brain and is responsible for your mood and behavior. Reduction of grey matter in your brain causes addiction, which is the reason why porn addicts daily get hooked to it at a much faster rate. This can also make your reactions numb and you won’t find happiness and pleasure in your life. This makes you even more dependent on porn as it turns out to be your only source of happiness and pleasure, even though it’s not real and is worsening your mental health in real.

You’ll Start Sexually Objectifying People

Porn does not represent actual physical intimacy that happens between two partners. It creates a disturbing fake world in your mind where things like incest, hardcore pornography, and rape are normal. It is common to start acting out the scenarios seen on adult videos. The slippery slope is a person can easily violate their partner’s rights… asking or requiring them to do acts that make them uncomfortable or worse treating their partner with little respect and no intimacy.

We need to realize that porn is nothing like real physical intimacy, and it ruin lives.

Pornography viewing behaviors may be difficult to beat, however  there is a need to change, healing is possible for each individuals and their relationships where no-x will guide and support you about dangers of pornography.

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