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To Treat Pornography Addiction

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The Science

Naltrexone is a Mu receptor full antagonist and a Kappa receptor partial antagonist. Naltrexone is thought to inhibit ventral tegmental area’s dopaminergic neurons by activating the GABAergic neurons.

[1]  The endogenous dynorphin peptide is no longer able to bind to the Kappa receptor thus inhibiting impulsive behavior.


[2]  In addition this blockage of the Kappa receptor decreases dopaminergic response to the nucleus accumben, the reward system of the brain, thus decreasing the reward based behavior of pornography.

“Internet Sex Addiction Treated With Naltrexone”
“Treatment of compulsive pornogrphay use with Naltrexone”
“Naltrexone was feasible, tolerable, and significantly decreased symptoms of compulsive sexual behavior disorder”
“Naltrexone treatment resulted in a decrease in pornography viewing”

Safety information

Naltrexone is FDA approved to treat alcohol use disorder and opiate use disorder. Naltrexone is an ingredient in an FDA approved weight loss medication. Naltrexone is not FDA approved to treat pornography addiction, internet sex addiction, sex addiction, problematic pornography use, it has shown some efficacy in treating said conditions or similar conditions. This has been documented in peer reviewed medical journal articles.

Take the medication exactly as prescribed.


Stop taking the medication immediately and call 911 if you experience any of the following: difficulty breathing, hives, fast heart beat, decreased level of consciousness, swelling of the face, neck or throat.


Some possible Side effects:

Long term use:

To date there are no known negative issues with long term use of naltrexone.

On set

Naltrexone should work within the first week. Many times people feel its effects after one or two doses.


One should not take naltrexone if pregnant.

FDA label for naltrexone:


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